Fujicco’s business began with tororo-kombu (thin shaved dried kombu). We now produce a wider range of ingredients and products such as bean products, delicatessen and yogurt products.

Kombu Products

Kombu (kelp) is one of the traditional Japanese ingredients and is also called sea vegetable. It is a good source of dietary fiber and minerals and helps Japanese people to maintain their health. Umami (good flavor) from kombu is deliciously used not only for stock which is essential for Japanese cuisine but also in other forms such as tsukudani (kombu boiled in soy sauce) and tororo-kombu (thin shaved dried kombu).


Bean Products

Japanese people have been eating beans such as soybeans for a long time by boiling until soft with sweet flavor. We support a healthy and energetic life by providing our nutritious foods in which you can enjoy the natural flavor of beans and combinations of beans and other various ingredients. Our Omamesan series is one of our main brands and is loved by everyone, as Omamesan represents Fujicco.


Bean Rice

Fujicco BeanRice is a soy-based food that can be eaten like rice. Although it is higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates than rice, it is satisfying to eat.


Packaged delicatessen foods

Our proud side dishes help balanced diet and serve to create healthy dining. Typical Japanese side dishes such as cooked vegetables, fish and salad are ready to eat just by opening packages. They are also convenient to keep in stock for a long period of time, as their best before dates are long (between 45 and 90 days).

Delicatessen delivered daily

Fujicco also manufactures freshly made Delicatessen Delivered Daily (delicatessen which are delivered to the shop daily) help create a healthy diet. Fujicco Delicatessen Delivered Daily aims for our customers to enjoy the delicious taste with peace of mind and has a variety of products to enliven everyday meals.

Yogurt Products

Our Caspian Sea Yogurt was commercialized as the result of our research into longevity food culture, and its sticky texture—unique to Caspian Sea lactic acid bacteria (Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris FC)— and less sour taste are its characteristics. A hundred percent of raw milk from Hokkaido is used to provide the fresh taste of raw milk. Homemade kits and yogurt makers are also available so that you can enjoy the experience of making your own yogurt at home.


Dessert Products

Fujicco’s dessert products, Fruits Therapy, are jelly made from high quality nata de coco produced in Japan and fresh fruits. The natural aroma and taste of fruits soothe your mind and body.


We have accumulated our research results of lactic acid bacteria and traditional Japanese foods to provide supplements and healthy foods, applying these results to help maintain your health easily. Our main product is “The power of probiotics”, which is approved as “Foods with Function Claims” to improve bowel movements.

Wholesale Foods

Fujicco also offers products such as salted kombu, tororo-kombu, boiled soybeans in a wide range of business-use sizes. They are widely used in restaurants and school lunches. We also provide functional materials to food manufacturers and pharmaceutical/cosmetics manufacturers so that our research results will be widely utilized.