We, Fujicco, will fulfill our role and responsibility as a health creation company based on our company motto since the foundation of the company, “Always be creative”.

We appreciate nature’s blessings.

In recent years, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been the center of attention, and it is essential for us to have further consideration for the global environment and climate change when conducting business activities. Our business completely depends on nature’s blessings such as kombu and beans. We will strive to create a sustainable society with the cooperation of producers, being thankful to the environment which nurtures nature’s blessings.

We continue to innovate good taste.

With our company motto, “Always be creative”, we have been engaging in our business each day. The word “innovate” describes our strong will to achieve dramatic and discontinuous innovation which is beyond kaizen and kairyo (continuous improvement in Japanese). In particular, tastiness is one of the most difficult fields to innovate; however, we will dare to meet the challenge and create new value in our society.

We make everyone healthy and happy.

We always try to make all our stakeholders, including employees, various cooperators, customers and shareholders, full of energy and happiness both in mind and body. We also believe that it improves our company values continuously in the medium and long term.

We aim to be a health creation company.

We are determined to achieve “healthy management” (employees’ health both in mind and body), “sound management” (healthy and sound performance) and “evidence management” (scientific interpretation of traditional foods). The reason why healthy management comes first is to demonstrate our wish to be a company which cares about your health. The phrase “health creation” shows that Fujicco pays particular attention and has achieved health, tastiness, food safety and reliability through quality ingredients and technological development.