Soybean Isoflavones from Japan, a key to longevity and health hidden in Japanese dietary traditions

Isoflavones, which in recent years have attracted wide attention as an ingredient to support youth and health and as a standard-bearer in the anti-aging movement, is now put to practical use by modern technology.
Fujicco is a leading food manufacturer in Japan of Japanese traditional foods utilizing 'Soybeans', one of the major ingredients of healthy Japanese food, through the accumulation of long term basic research on isoflavones, extracted from high quality soybeans. We now supply isoflavones, as 'FujiflavoneTM', healthy food ingredients produced by the excellent quality control technology of which we are proud.

Food Protects Health ---Our belief

Fujicco has been focusing on soybeans and seaweeds for over forty-five years to make available the merits of the Japanese traditional daily diet.
Well-balanced meals that make the best use of such foodstuffs promote good health. Based on this concept the scientific pursuits of health supporting foods continue.
We participated in the WHO CARDIAC Study to verify the relation between isoflavone intake and life style diseases. In various regions of the world, much data on blood pressure and cholesterol have been collected, all of which accords with the concept that 'Food Protects Health' and indicates the importance of 'Preventive Nutrition'.
Era of Preventive Nutrition: In order to stem the ever increasing prevalence of life style diseases, we, with our firm belief in isoflavones' great contribution, are dedicating research into its functions and effects.
We see Fujicco as a 'Health Creation Company'.