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Company Motto : Always Be Creative


In November of 2010, Fujicco celebrated its 50th Anniversary. We truly appreciate the support and help of our customers, which has allowed us to grow.
Our business began with “Seaweed” and has developed to include “Beans”, “Desserts”, and “Yogurt”. We at Fujicco recognize the importance of health and flavor. That is why we always start with good ingredients and conservation techniques for additive-free foods, and strive to provide safe and secure foods.
In recent years, disturbances related to foods have been pointed out, but we desire to use the benefits of seaweed and beans to contribute to “Balanced Meals” through our food proposals based on wisdom from traditional foods.
It is said that Japan is now confronting serious adult-onset diseases. We are sure that health benefits which have been proven by our basic research such as from soy isoflavones, black bean polyphenol, seaweed dietary fibers and minerals, and lactic bacteria from Caspian Sea yogurt will help to prevent such lifestyle-related diseases.
Through our proposal of safe, secure, delicious foods and services,through our research of health functioning science,we at Fujicco desire to help achieve a society with “Good Health and Longevity” with a high “Quality Of Life”.

President Masakazu Fukui